Assistant Coach – The app that helps with your teams

In the age of the Smartphone it’s incredible the little variety of quality apps in the area of sports that help you with the control of your team with your phone or tablet. Not to mention the statistics control, the apps exists but with quality and a price for mortals there are a very little.

Today I want to speak about Assitant Coach, an app for mobile devices (Android/iOS) that also support tablets, Apple TV and Apple Watch. An app for Soccer, Waterpolo, Basketball, all Rugby variants and, of course, Court/Olympic Handball.

What we can do with this app?

The focus of the app is, without doubt, to have a database of exercises that allows you to make the train plans faster having a control of assistance of them. But it can do many things like:

  • To have a control of stats of the players (not for real time stats).
  • View previous results and anotations you have made.
  • View data of our players like played minutes, number, heigh, weight, data contact, and all relevant data we want to add in notes. Perhaps a health fields could be really good here.
  • Keep a database of exercises.
  • Share exercises and training plans with other coaches if they have the app.
  • Manage the team staff.
  • Send messages and emails to the staff, players or all at the same time.
  • Sync between devices.
  • Add new exercises through the website.
  • Drawer to show others anything you want to explain or whatever.

And it is easy to export to PDF of any data, so it is easy to print a list of the players with they number and name.

The app  Strengths

As I said without a doubt the strong point is the capacity it able us to keep a database of exercises and trains, in spite it’s difficult at the begining we can write the exercises of the web and import them in the app.

“you do not have to carry anymore with the training plan”

In the other side if you have a Apple Watch is really brilliant the fact that you can prepare the training plan on your Phone/Tablet and later have it in your Watch. We all carry a paper with or the phone in our training and we drop them anytime or have a pants without pockets and we do not know where to put it. This resolves this situation with a stroke and you do not have to carry anymore with the training plan. You will have it in your Watch, simply brilliant!

Share plans or export them to PDF to send them to other coaches is another stuning feature, it make it simple and a great fact of the app.

What I ask for the future.

  1. Add the things we will use in each exercise and add later in the plan as a list in the PDF or making a training view.
  2. Sport’s material inventory and alarm when you try to use material you do not have. Even add material inventory by location because right now you can add a location for trainings or matches.
  3. Objectives planification (physical, technical, tactical, physcological) without adding an empty exercise to fill the notes with those things.
  4. Contacts and Calendar to share with parents/players/team stuff or public.
  5. Open API. This could be used to use our data as we want, but it is thruth that right now the only person can have access to your data is your own. This will make us able to show matches with stats and results or whatever we want as we like in, for example, our webpage.


With all facts to improve it is an imprescindible app if you are a coach. I think that the idea of having a centralized database of exercises which also support share them with other contacts is incredible and also helps the tasks of creating new trainings. It is very interesting because allow you to make them also when you can not go, simply you send it to the coach who will go to the training, that’s all.

Over all we must know we are not with an app to plan all seasson, it’s an app to plan trainings and it is very useful and helpfull in its field that requires a little effor at the begining adding exercises. Anyway at the time we have done it, we will be able to create training in a very few minutes and also have all seasson trainings in our database.

To finish it is remarkable the fact that the app’s author, Valerio Lo Giudice maintain this app by his own with his free time and also the fact that it runs very well in all different devices. The app flows very well and does not have any hangs out, at least in the iOS version.

At the end of the article you will have some captures (in Spanish, Handball iPhone 6 version)  with an example team that I have done and a training that I prepared in the past. There are not screenshots of Watch version views.


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Canteras U.D. U-15 - Session 40

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